3D Scanner

Test drive the FabliTec 3D Scanner using the free demo version. The demo contains all features of the full version, saving the scanned 3D models to disk is only available in the full version. To get the full version, please buy a license key from the one of our resellers.


To see the changelog, click here.

Hardware Requirements

  • OpenNI-compatible 3D sensor (more details)
  • PC or laptop with Windows 7/8 with at least 4 GB of RAM
  • NVidia graphics card with CUDA capability 2.0 (or higher) and at least 1 GB of dedicated graphics memory (more details)

Software Installation

  • Download the installer of the FabliTec 3D Scanner (see download link above).
  • To use the FabliTec 3D Scanner under Windows 8 with a Microsoft Kinect sensor, you have to disable driver signature enforcement before you start the installation (more details).
  • Run the installer. The installation process consists of two steps: First, the 3D Scanner will be installed. Afterwards, the setup of the OpenNI driver will be launched. We provide illustrated installation instructions that guide you step-by-step through the installation process.
  • Connect your OpenNI-compliant sensor via USB (such as Microsoft Kinect, Asus Xtion Pro Live, or a PrimeSense device). When you connect the sensor for the first time, Windows will search for the drivers. Wait for the driver installation to finish before you continue.
  • Your computer is now ready for 3D scanning! Check out the video tutorial in the user manual and the tips on positioning to learn how to get the best 3D models.
  • To save your scanned 3D models to a file, please buy a license key from one of our resellers.

We are continuously working on improving our 3D scanner to maximize the performance and to add new features. The software provided is still under active development. When the software is not working on your computer or you encounter any difficulties, please check the troubleshooting section or contact our customer support via email (info@germanreprap.com) or phone (+49 9001 737727*).

*0,99€/Minute aus dem dt. Festnetz, abweichende Gebühren aus Mobilfunknetzen & Ausland

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