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Installation Instructions

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Video Tutorial

Quick Instructions

The FabliTec 3D Scanner has been specifically designed to scan the upper body of a person.

1. Camera positioning

  • When using the horizontal camera mode (which is the default), place the 3D sensor horizontally at eye height, for example, using a tripod.
  • For the vertical camera mode (in the settings), place the 3D sensor vertically with the projector (red light) at the top. Position the sensor roughly at eye height, and slightly tilt it downwards so that you see the person from the head to the hips.

2. Person positioning

  • Position yourself in approximately 1 meter distance from the sensor.
  • Check in the preview window that the person to be scanned is displayed in bright green and the background is displayed in blue. Make sure that the amount of red pixels (=no data) is minimized.

3. Making the scan

  • Click on START. The software will start a three second countdown to you move into the right position. We recommend to start scanning with your back to the sensor.
  • Make a full turn on a swivel chair. The software will record 400 images, which takes at 30fps roughly 13 seconds. Take your time to find the right timing. If you finished early, you can click the STOP button to stop recording.
  • Hint: It is important that the subject to be scanned moves as little as possible during recording (except from the full body rotation). It is easier if somebody else rotates you. Please make sure that the external person is not visible in the image of the 3D sensor.

4. Model creation

  • After recording is complete, the FabliTec 3D Scanner automatically generates the 3D model. Depending on your computer hardware, this can take 10-60 seconds.
  • Afterwards, the 3D model is displayed in the 3D viewer on the right. You can zoom, rotate, and move the model with your mouse buttons. The left button rotates, the right button moves, and middle button zooms. If you don’t have a middle button, you can zoom alternatively by pressing both the left and the right mouse button.
  • To save the model, you need to activate the 3D scanner by typing in the license key. You can buy a license key via one of our resellers.
  • To print you model in 3D, save your model as VRML and upload it to a 3D printing provider such as Shapeways or i.Materialize.

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