Help on Positioning

1. Left/right: Position yourself in the center

Use the preview window to position yourself approximately in the center of the image as shown in the example. Sitting to far to either side may lead to incomplete 3D models.

demo_good_initial_pose_front demo_not_centered
Good Not in the center

2. Forward/backward: Position yourself until your body is displayed in bright green

The preview window helps to you find the right distance to the sensor. Move forward or backward until your entire body is displayed in bright green.

demo_good_initial_pose_front demo_too_far demo_too_close
Good Too far Too close

3. Check your background

The 3D scanner requires at least 2.5m space between the sensor and the background. The software indicates a good background distance with the color blue. When objects in the background are too close, the software will display them in dark green. If this is the case, remove these objects or position the sensor differently. Furthermore, make sure that there are not windows, mirrors, or shiny surfaces in the background as they disturb the depth sensor. The software displays problematic areas by red pixels.

demo_good_initial_pose_front demo_bad_background_with_clutter demo_bad_background_with_windows
Good Bad: Background objects are too close Bad: Windows disturb the depth sensor

4. Start the scan back-facing, not front-facing

We advice to start scanning with the back facing the sensor, as this generally leads to sharper models. Note that you have 3 seconds time after clicking the “start” button to take your initial pose.

demo_good_initial_pose demo_good_initial_pose_front
Start with back (recommended) Start with face (not recommended)

5. After scanning has finished, check your position in the reconstruction volume

Enable the display of the reconstruction volume to check your position. Ideally, the person should be located exactly in the middle of the reconstruction volume. In the example, the person is sitting too far on one side.


6. Reduce frame rate if frames are lost

If you get a warning message that frames are lost, consider to reduce the frame rate in the settings dialog. Note that the scanning process takes longer at a reduced frame rate.