Installation Instructions

This pages provides detailed installation instructions for the FabliTec 3D Scanner. Note that if you intend to use the FabliTec 3D Scanning in combination with a Microsoft Kinect for Xbox under Windows 8, you have to disable driver signature enforcement (Step 1).  If you intend to use the FabliTec 3D Scanner only with an Asus or a PrimeSense device, you can skip this and start immediately with the installation (Step 2). Please note that you have to activate your copy of the product after installation using a license code to enable the full functionality (Step 3).

Step 1: Deactivate driver signature enforcement

Note: This step is only mandatory if you want to use the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox under Windows 8. If you use Windows 7 or a PrimeSense or Asus sensor, you can skip this step and start immediately with the installation (Step 2).

  1. Move the mouse to the lower right corner to activate the settings menu. Subsequently click on “Change PC Settings”.
  2. Select the “General” tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Restart now”.
  3. Click on “Troubleshoot”, then on “Advanced Options”, “Startup Settings” and on “Restart”.
  4. After your computer rebooted, press “7″ on your keyboard to temporarily disable driver signature enforcement.

Step 2: Installation (Windows 7/8, all sensors)

Note: Attach the 3D sensor only AFTER you have finished the installation of the FabliTec 3D Scanner. If you have already installed a driver for the sensor (Kinect/Asus/PrimeSense) please uninstall it before the installation.

  1. Download the newest version of the FabliTec 3D Scanner from our download page.
  2. Launch the FabliTec installer. Next to the 3D Scanner, the installer will also install the OpenNI libraries, the drivers for PrimeSense and Kinect devices and the MFC libraries. Please note that the drivers are not digitally signed. Please confirm the security dialog to install the drivers anyway.
  3. After the installation is complete, please attach the 3D sensor to a free USB 2.0 port. Subsequently, Windows will install the corresponding device driver. Please confirm again the installation of the unsigned device drivers when asked by Windows.

Step 3: Product Activation

After the successful installation, the FabliTec 3D Scanner runs in a demo mode with limited functionality. To activate your 3D Scanner, please proceed as follows:

  1. Launch the FabliTec 3D Scanner from the start menu or the link on your desktop.
  2. Open the “Help” menu and click on “License”.
  3. Enter your name and license key in the dialog box. The license key is an 8-digit number (Example: 01234567) that you find on the CD booklet or that you received by email. To verify the authenticity of the license key, the FabliTec 3D Scanner needs a working internet connection.

Note: The product remains activated even after updates or re-installations of the FabliTec 3D Scanner. You can recognize the restricted demo mode by the suffix “DEMO VERSION” in the title of the main window. After you have activated the license, the notice disappears and you can subsequently save the 3D models to disk.


We provide answers to frequently asked questions and additional hints on our troubleshooting page. For additional questions and other problems please contact our customer support via email ( or phone (+49-89-32606052).